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The Timing

The RevivEE team is an 11 month commitment to being in Eastern Europe. Application Process begins on November 1, and will close on February 28. The Team will be chosen by March 14. March 14 - June 1 is Fundraising time - to gather the money to support you for the 11 months you will be overseas. 

August 1 - September 1 will be team building, training and preparation to Launch. September 1 - December 15 is Harvest Season 1. January 5 to June 1 is Harvest Season 2. 

We are asking that all the participants make an eleven month commitment to the RevivEE program. Arriving August 1 and departing July 1, with two weeks to visit home over the holidays. 

Summery of Timeline :

August 1                Registration Open. (Request by Email)

We Accept Applications until - team is filled. 

March 1                 Team meetings Begin.

March 1                  Fundraising Begins

September 1             Launch to Eastern Europe

December 21            Vacation

January 4                  Back to the Harvest

July 1                         RevivEE ends

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