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Globe Changers

The name says it all!

A group of One Year Challenge disciples with a vision to join a team for impact that goes way beyond any  individual. To be used by God to convert the future leadership of a nation. It will be a relentless pursuit of the open heart, and a commitment to set an example of Christ as a group to the amazing churches of Eastern Europe.


If you feel chosen by God for this adventure of a lifetime, you will have an amazing opportunity to be trained and walked with by missionaries, and learn how to build a ministry from scratch. The opportunity of spending a year in a different culture pulls you into a much deeper reliance on God. It will change your perspective on global missions and you will be able to encourage and inspire others to step out on faith to reach countries that are spiritually impoverished.


The Globe changer role - lasts for 10 months, and is a self funded role. The estimated total expense to come for 10 months, is $8200. We want to ask you to raise the entire amount before coming. This will make you available to share, study and convert as many as possible and make this 10 months one of your most impacting spiritual experiences.


The globe changer team will be from 15 to 20 brothers and sisters, so you will have an amazing team of support as you land and start to preach the word.


Now is the time. It never gets easier. Take a year of your life and let God use you!

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