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With 21 nations there is a great need for young ministers to catch a dream and a vision to be used by God to build churches overseas. There are still countries in Eastern Europe that are not hearing the Gospel. We are looking to bring over missionaries, who will continue their journey to being appointed Evangelist and woman's ministry leaders. The RevivEE training and experience will push us to the edge of our faith, as we will aim for solid but rapid growth, in a foreign language and culture environment. You will learn to rely on God like never before.


We are calling you to come and spend a year in Eastern Europe. You will be trained by the trainers of the team. You will lead the harvest team of Global  Changers. The goal of our collective faith will be the salvation of many souls.


Our prayer is to introduce more future ministers to the mission field. Some are uniquely gifted to make the mission field their home. If this is the case, we have 6 countries that still need to be planted - there are many opportunities for our missionaries to stay and plant new nations.


If it is God's will for you to return home after a year, you will return home with a completely different perspective on life, and ministry and what it will take to evangelize the world. You will also be a personal inspiration for the generation after you, as one who took the leap and served overseas. Your walk with God, and the lessons God will teach you, will forever impact the way you do ministry. 

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