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Welcome to RevivEE

Eastern Europe is an amazing family of Churches consisting of 21 countries, 270 million people, with 24 fellowships and over 3000 brothers and sisters.

RevivEE is a program to invigorate the faith and growth of our churches in Eastern Europe. We have twelve countries, with no church or a fellowship of less than a hundred disciples. 

We are looking to build teams that will move to a specific country for 10 months, to help us build a critical mass of growth and faith. 

Is God calling you, to spend a year, to change the vector of Christianity for a country? We are praying for you to consider Eastern Europe! 


Program Leaders

Shawn and Lena Wooten have spent more than 27 years planting and leading churches in the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Having appointed a new lead evangelist and eldership in Kiev, they are exicited now to be focusing on the other nations in Eastern Europe. 

They are praying to gather a radical group of Christians to come and radically share their faith, producing a harvest that will set up the city to evangelize the county.


Pray... Consider...  to join the team and be a part of helping revive Christianity for a nation!




The RevivEE team with have 8 empty nester disciples. This group will provide shepherding support for the RevivEE team, as well as begin an eldership and pastor training program in the local church. In the setting of a nation that is first generation Christianity, the wealth of experience of our older disciples - play a crucial role in building healthy churches. Take a year of retirement, and help us train and model the shepherding heart of Christ!

Globe Changers

The RevivEE team will have 16 radical one year challenge disciples leading the harvest. This team will spend the year, converting as many people as possible. The trainers will help prepare and equip you to be fruitful and effective on the Mission Field and in seeking and saving the lost. Is God calling you! To the step of faith of a life time, to impact a nation for generations to come!
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