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We will have two seasoned trainers and church leaders on our RevivEE team. They will work closely with the Wootens to build the church and train the team. We have a deep desire to not just add Christians, but for every team member and every church member to have the greatest opportunity for spiritual development in the 10 months of the program.


In Eastern Europe we are in great need for seasoned trainers and church leaders to consider moving to the foreign mission field. There is a great momentum in the USA with new leadership being appointed, and a strong campus ministry. The  vector of growth and faith is strong and on the rise. There is a necessary critical mass that has to be reached to ensure the movement will continue in any particular nation.

There is a great need at this hour to implant resources to help raise up this first generation of Christianity in Eastern Europe. The Majority of all our converts were converted out of atheism from homes, that never believed in God. This is an exciting opportunity as there is a "clean slate" and pure hearts,  but challenging from a wisdom point of view and experience. As God has arranged the body worldwide, the strength of one area can help with the weaknesses in another area. 


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